Faculty Profiles

Our professors earned their PhDs from renowned universities. Their insights and perspectives will inspire innovative business ideas. 


Our faculty members serve on editorial boards of the top information systems journals, including information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, etc. They are also frequent contributors to academic journals including those mentioned above, as well as Journal of Management Information Systems and Management Science among others. Further, the latest knowledge gained from their research brings both currency and relevance to the classrooms.


We were awarded the Franklin Prize for Best Overall Teaching by a Department. Additionally, many of our faculty members have won the prestigious Franklin Prize for Individual Excellence in Teaching.

Industry Collaborations

Our faculty members go beyond academia and maintain very close contacts with the rapidly changing business world. Often they take on the role of consultant in technology transfer projects and executive education for companies, to name a few as below:

  • China Mobile
  • China Telecom
  • HSBC
  • IBM
  • Merrill Lynch
  • 3 Hong Kong
Prof Kar Yan TAM Dean and Chair Professor (PhD, Purdue University)Research interests: Web personalization; customer relationship management; innovation adoption
Prof Kai Lung HUI Deputy Head and Chair Professor (PhD, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)Research interests: Privacy; social interaction; IT security management; business simulation
Prof. James THONG Chair Professor (PhD, National University of Singapore)Research interests: User acceptance of IT innovations; IT in small businesses; computer ethics; human-computer interaction
Prof Theodore H K CLARK Associate Professor and MScISM Academic Director (DBA, Harvard University)Research interests: Information and innovation protection law; e-commerce; outsourcing management
Prof Yan XU Associate Professor (PhD, University of Strathclyde)Research interests: Corporate management; competitive strategy and regulatory policy of telecommunications
Prof Xiaojun ZHANG Associate Professor (PhD, University of Arkansas)Research interests: Implementation of knowledge management systems and job outcomes; social networks and culture; IT and healthcare
Prof Rong ZHENG Associate Professor (PhD, New York University)Research interests: Predictive modeling for business intelligence; computational text analysis; social network analytics
Prof Yanzhen CHEN Assistant Professor (PhD, University of Texas, Austin)Research interests: FinTech innovation in financial services; social media and labor market; healthcare management
Prof Yongsuk KIM Assistant Professor (PhD, University of Texas, Austin)Research interests: IT-enabled knowledge sharing and coordination; knowledge management; virtual communities; social media used in organizations (enterprise 2.0); open innovation
Prof Tat Koon KOH Assistant Professor (PhD, Carnegie Mellon University)Research interests: Digital economy; e-commerce; platform design and strategy; open innovation; crowdsourcing
Prof Dongwon LEE Assistant Professor (PhD, University of Maryland)Research interests: Online consumer behavior; health IT; user experience; IT based service innovation; strategic IT alignment; social network services
Prof Jing WANG Assistant Professor (PhD, New York University)Research interests: Crowdsourcing; web-based behavioral experiments; user-generated content; social networks; data mining
Prof Hong XU Associate Professor (PhD, University of Texas, Austin)Research interests: Strategic information communication; auditing; supply chain management; user-generated content; online reputation; game theory
Prof Yi YANG Assistant Professor (PhD, Northwestern University)Research interests: Machine learning; data mining
Prof Percy Garvin DIAS Associate Professor of Business Education (PhD, Fudan University)Research interests: IT auditing; network management; mobile computing; electronic commerce; web-based information systems; intelligent computing
Prof Jeevan JAISINGH Associate Professor of Business Education (PhD, Purdue University)Research interests: Information security; piracy and open source software; project management; innovation management
Prof James KWOK Associate Professor of Business Education (PhD, University of London)Research interests: Copyright and intellectual property protection; Internet security; e-commerce applications