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Message from Academic Director

Developing and investing in digital technology have become critical steps for businesses striving to create, improve, and sustain their competitive advantage in today’s technology-driven global economy. More than ever, managers need new skills and a heightened awareness of the challenges and opportunities created by technology transformation within their industries and beyond.

Our Master of Science in Information Systems Management (MScISM) program is designed with this very objective in mind. Our curriculum combines courses on basic technology principles with special topics in technology management to catapult a career in any industry.

Our vision is to nurture a new generation of leaders who can capitalize on the growing importance of technology-enabled innovations to expand the boundaries of business and gain an edge in an increasingly interconnected world.

I hope you will join us and take advantage of our offerings to grow your career prospects, network, and knowledge. At MScISM, you’ll have the unique opportunity to position yourself as a future leader— and make insightful contributions to this rapidly evolving age of technology-enabled social and economic transformation.

Theodore H K Clark
MScISM Academic Director
DBA, Harvard University