Student Profile

Our students come from a wide variety of cultural and academic backgrounds, providing the class with an enriching learning environment.

MScISM(Full-time) Student Profile

The students of 2018-19 intake form a good balance of diversity. The majority of the class has obtained the first degree from Mainland China (49%) and Americas (17%) while the rest of the class graduated from universities in Hong Kong, Europe, Australia and the Korea.

The majority of the students possess a degree in business disciplines, such as Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management & Business Administration, and Information Systems Management. However, about 19% of the students were from non-business backgrounds, with degrees in areas such as Logistics and Supply Chain and Engineering.


Country of First Degree Institution

Major of Bachelor Degree


MScISM(Part-time) Student Profile

Most of the students of the part-time MScISM program of 2018-19 intake possess the bachelor degree in Business (73%), others were graduated from Information Systems Management (9%), Engineering(9%). They are all managerial professionals with at least two years of full-time working experience. 


Major of Bachelor Degree

Years of Work Experience